Automatic Tape edge Machine

Automatic Tape edge Machine

ALM-2000 Series Automatic Tape edge Machine:

ALM-2000 Tape edge machine is advance technology tape edge machine, that able to provide the opportunity to fulfill the customers order within time, it has the capability to provide  around 320 Mattress in 10 hour. it provides the product with Quality by minimum operator effort as compare to other models. With its advance Mechanism , Operator works easily up to 10 to 12 hours  without feeling tired and less chance of mistakes due to operator tiredness.

  • Easily produces 290-330 mattresses in 10 hours (1900mm x 900mm)
  • Standard chain stitch sewing head
  • Ability to produce Heavy Mattresses.
  • Comfortable Cornering.
  • Automatic head lowering at the corners
  • Minimum operator fatigue
  • Full automatic parametric corner turning system
  • Automatic foot lift
  • Interpolated driven 90° mattress turning arm
  • No deformation on the conveyors thanks to the arm load hanger system
  • Full automatic process with a single foot pedal (All the speeds are auto – adjusted according to pressing amount)


Techical Details
Production capacity 320 pcs / 10 hours
Max. sewing speed 3850 spm
Max. mattress weight 190 kg
Mattress height 50 mm – 500 mm
Mattress corner radius 5 mm – 150 mm
Setup Area 2.7 m x 4.2 m