Brand New Nex Flow™ Frigid-X™ Box Cooler!

Brand New Nex Flow™ Frigid-X™ Box Cooler!
In the package are all the necessary items to attach the vortex tube along with a
separate venting unit (breather cap) to exhaust the hot air being displaced inside
the enclosure.
An optional hose distribution kit is available to distribute the cold air inside for
larger enclosures.  Also available is an optional solenoid and thermostat for on-off
Frigid-XTM Box Cooler Advantages 
. No moving parts
. Maintenance Free Operation
. Compact & Easy to Install
. Cooling Capacities to 2900 BTU/hr.
. No CFC’s or HCFC’s
. Stainless Steel Construction
. No Electricty
. Adjustable Cold Temperatures
Nex Flow™ has trained representatives around the world to assist
you in your applications and any cooling products you may have that
can utilize vortex tube technology.  Contact Nex Flow™ or our
representatives: www.nexflowair.com