Ctec Head CT300UB5 – Taiwan – Heavy Duty

Ctec Head CT300UB5 – Taiwan – Heavy Duty

CT300UB5 Q & A

  • Q: What is CT300UB5?
    A: CT300UB5 is a chainstitch sewing head for tape edge machine of mattress. Similar with Singer’s 300UX5 sewing head.
  • Q: Are we the manufacturer or trader for CT300UB5?
    A: Ctec is the manufacturer of the CT300UB5.
  • Q: Are your sewing head made in China?
    A: No, all of CT300U/CT300W/CT300UB5 sewing heads are 100% made in Taiwan .  We ensure our machine’s quality on each tiny or big parts in the machine by making it 100% in Taiwan.  We only supply the best quality machine, not poor quality but low priced.
  • Q: Do we manufacture the whole tape edge machine including table/stand/motor?
    A: No, currently we only manufacture/supply the CT300UB5 sewing head only. We do not manufacture the table/stand for tape edge machines.
  • Q: What kind of table/stand of tape edge machine that can fit with our CT300UB5?
    A: Since our CT300UB5 is very similar with Singer’s  300UX5, most tape edge table/stand that fits with 300UX5 can fit with our CT300UB5.
  • Q: What if I am not sure if my table/stand can fit with CT300UB5 or Singer’s 300UX5?
    A: If your table/stand of tape edge machine is different from Singer’s or you are not sure, we can custom-make a plate the uses to connect the sewing head and table/stand.  Custom-making the plate by dimensions provided by customers is somehow free under some cases, please e-mail us for details.
  • Q: Are there any attachments necessary for CT300UB5?
    A: We currently provide the following attachments for CT300UB5

    • Binder Bracket – there are currently 3 brackets that use for CT300UB5, please
      e-mail us for details.
    • Binder Head – there are many kinds of sizes for binder head, please kindly inform us the tape and finished sizes ( ex. 38mm X 10mm or 40mm X 12mm…etc.) for binder head you need with quantity and we will quote to you accordingly.
    • Tape Reel Set – a set of tool to reel the tape.
  • Q: Do you have warranty/guarantee for your CT300UB5 sewing head?
    A: Yes, all of our sewing machines are supplied with 1 year warranty/guarantee.  Except for consuming parts, if all other parts are damaged/broken under normal usage within one year, we will send the parts for replacement at free charge.  Please e-mail us with the serial number that stamped on the backside of machine body for reference (please see below picture for information) and we will provide the guarantee as we promise.
  • Q: What are the consuming parts for the CT300UB5?
    A: The following parts are the consuming parts that would be consumed by daily use of the machines and we do recommend that customers can order some extras in stock for interchange:

    • CT268382 Looper Complete Set
    • CT281912 Needle Bar
    • CT559057 Vibrating Presser Foot (Inside Foot)
    • CT559059M Lifting Presser Foot (Outside Foot)
    • CT559061 Feed Dog
    • CT281975 Spreader
    • CAT4112-01/24 Needle


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