pilz safety Relays
PNOZ8 PNOZ4 PNOZ1 PNOZ2 PNOZ6 PNOZ10   Power voltage: 24vdc 220vac 110VAC    
PNOZ -Pilz Safety relay
PNOZ 10 6S/4O -Safety Relay
Specifications: Manufacturer: Pilz Model: PNOZ 10 6S/4O P/N: 774009 E-Stop Safety Relay Voltage: 24VDC 4,[...]
SDV-FH2T Omron Relay
Industrial Timers / relays
Industrial timers and relays and available in stock.
CAD323E7 Contactor
Rated control supply voltage Us at AC 50HZ: 48 – 48V Rated control supply voltage[...]
Industrial Safety Relays
Safety relays are available in the stock.  
ABB Relay Socket
Logical and standard socket for plug able interface relays CR-P Snap-on mounting on DIN rail[...]
REXL2TMP7 on-delay timing relay
Connection / Termination: Plug-In Current Rating Nom: 5A No. of Timing Ranges: 7 Product Range:[...]
IDEC HR1S-DMB1132 Safety Relay Module
•1NO-1NC safety input type, such as magnetic coded safety switches •Fault diagnosis function with dual[...]